Cadet College Kohat

Cadet College Kohat is one of the Elite Institutions of Pakistan which Provides quality education to all segments of society on merit and competition.

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Munawar House

House Master

Muhammad Anees

House Tutor

Mehtab Wadan


Munawar House is named after Col. Munawar Khan Afridi, who had remained the Vice Chancellor of the University of Peshawar. Mr. M.A. Masrur kaifi was the founder House Master of Munawar House..


Munawar House was established in Nov. 1969.


The motto of Munawar House is "Enlightened to Serve", the dominant aim of a student.


The House colour of Munawar House is light green.

House NCO

Hav Retd. Arif

House Baba

Asghar Baba