Cadet College Kohat is one of the Elite Institutions of Pakistan which Provides quality education to all segments of society on merit and competition.



Quality education together with proper grooming is the hallmark of Cadet College Kohat. By the grace of Almighty Allah,  with proper guidance, sincere commitment, untiring efforts of the faculty members and consistent hard work of cadets , the College this year too, achieved distinction in SSC and HSSC examinations of the Kohat Board.


The Honourable Principal, Brig (Retd) Tufail Muhammad Khan SI(M),  congratulated the cadets, their parents and faculty for outstanding performance and upholding glorious tradition of academic excellence. He expressed the hope that the faculty and the cadets would continue to work very hard to maintain and further enhance their standard of excellence. 



   BISE Kohat SSC and HSSC Results, 2021




                                   BISE Kohat SSC- Part-II, 2021


                   Cadet Name                          Kit No.            Marks               Position


            Cadet Safi Imam (KH)              5478                1094/A1            1ST


            Cadet Sohail (JH)                   5473                1092/A1             2ND




                     BISE Kohat HSSC- Part-II, 2021


            Cadet Name                              Kit No.    Marks           Position


            Cadet Yasir Hayat (RH)               52102      1086/A1        1ST (Pre-Med)


            Cadet Jibran Mustafa (IH)           5236        1084/A1        2ND (Pre-Med)


            Cadet M. Saif ur Rehman (RH)     52128      1084/A1        2ND (Pre-Med)


            Cadet Osama Reyan (AH )           5264       1084/A1        2ND (Pre-Med)


            Cadet M. Owais Khan (IH)           5226       1084/A1        2ND (Pre-Engg.)


            Cadet Dawood Shah (IH )            5239       1082/A1       3RD (Pre-Med.)


            Cadet Abdul Sattar (IH )              5219        1082/A1        3RD (Pre-Med)





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